DB03 - Linear lighting strip

DB03 - Linear lighting strip

DB03 lighting strip - powerful, economical, water-resistant, advanced and elegant, designed to illuminate open and closed spaces - gas stations, bus and train stations, commerce, industry, swimming pools, sports facilities and more. Designed to work in harsh conditions. Degree of water protection - IP67.

To purchase the product, contact bioled Customer Service: 02-9967001

  • a. Body color: Silver

    b. Lens color: transparent / milky / glass

    c. Voltage: 230v / 24v

    d. Light color : 230v : 3000k / 4000k / 5700k 24v : 4000k

    * Degree of water protection: IP67

    * Body changer: 5T - 75% savings

    * Warranty: 3 years

    * To purchase, call 02-996-7001