Professional floodlight Bell 165

Professional floodlight Bell 165

Professional floodlighting lamp type BELL165 - economical, powerful and advanced lighting bell designed for hanging on the ceiling, columns and more. Suitable for open spaces, high ceilings, commercial areas, industry, garages, parking lots, gas stations, sports halls, swimming pools and more. Designed to work in harsh conditions. To purchase the product, contact Bioled Customer Service: 02-9967001

  • a. Body color: black

    b. Lens type: glass

    c . Light color: 5700k / 4000k / 3500k / 3000k

    d. Lens type: 60 degrees / 90 degrees / 120 degrees

    * Designed for work in harsh conditions.

    * Meets standards: High resistance to voltage surges and instability in the power grid.
    * Body changer: Hlade Metal 400 watts, energy savings up to 85%
    * 3 years warranty on the product, 10 years on the chip

    For purchase call 02-996-7001