Vine 3000 Professional Streetlight

Vine 3000 Professional Streetlight

Professional street lighting fixture, model Gefen 3000 - street lighting and path lighting - a very conomical street lamp - designed for installation on vertical and horizontal pillars.

Dimmable! Equipped with temperature controller. Built-in suitable for work in particularly harsh conditions Constructed of aluminum and hardened polycarbonate. Protected with anodized coating and resistant to all weather conditions.

To purchase the product, contact BIOLED Customer Service: 02-9967001

  • a. Body color: Silver

    b. Lens type: clear / milky / glass

    * Light color:

    1. 5700k / 4000k / 3000k: 230v

    2. 4000k: 24v

    * Resistant to all weather conditions

    * Water protection door: IP67

    For purchase call 02-996-7001

  • To purchase the product, contact BIOLED customer service: 02-9967001