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Bioled provides advanced light systems and subsystems for the global lighting industry. The lighting products have been developed with advanced technologies, and are characterized by high light efficiency, durability over years in extreme weather conditions, water and dust resistance, corrosion resistance, and severe shocks with ease of installation.

Among Biolde's main customers in the field of industrial lighting in Israel and abroad are the Dead Sea factories, Nesher, Refineries, IDF, shipping companies, shopping malls, banquet halls, clinics, and more.


Linear Lighting

Biolde's linear light fixtures have a premium performance - maximum light efficiency while consuming minimal energy, are simple to install, resistant to extreme conditions such as fire, water, dust, extreme weather conditions, and severe shocks.

Military Lighting

Bioled manufactures advanced modules that include an internal driver for aluminum linear profiles. The modules are designed for profile manufacturers and include an Israeli and international standard. Up to 15 meters can be connected inside a profile with a single voltage input. Suitable for office, industrial and commercial use.