We are happy to illuminate 

Bioled Eco Light Systems Ltd. (former TzubaVision) is a High-tech company known for its outstanding Led lighting products and is a world-leading player in the research, development, manufacture and implementation of advanced horticultural LED technologies. Bioled Led light systems are designated for industry, military and commercial applications. Its systems are high-end, lightweight and very easy to install.

Today Bioled is focused on developing horticulture

indoor/ green-house smart lighting systems and machine learning applications. Bioled Eco Light Systems Ltd. is Israel’s leading manufacturer of industrial, military and horticulture LED light systems, suitable for the most sever environmental applications

The challenge 

Global food demand increases. Lack of water, space and extremities in global climate are highly affecting the overall agricultural output.

Our solution

An extremely efficient innovative cloud managed LED light system, for intensive indoor, greenhouse and urban farming. BIOLED interconnects with existing greenhouse managing solutions controlling nutrition, irrigation, air, etc.

The opportunity

To meet the global food demand, farmers are moving towards indoor, greenhouse and urban farming and are increasingly adopting the use of LED grow lights.



Dotan Buchswiller



 Chairman of Polite and Scale Energy.

 CEO of Gaash Lighting 

 VP of Operations Beeri Printing .

Interdisciplinary Herzliyah, MBA

Uriel Vulej

CEO, Director & Founder


Former CEO at TzubaVision

Former CEO at Megavision

Former Chief Technology Officer at Voipli

 Director at the Israel Manufacturers Association

 IDF, Industrial Engineering Officer Rank:(Major)

Technion, Industrial Management Eng.

Shlomo Pergament



Former VP of Bank Leumi

Technion, BA in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Tel Aviv University, MBA in Business Administration.

Michal Vulej



Deputy CEO at MATI Jerusalem Development Center

Mentor at the IDF Leadership Collège

MA With Distinction  in Social Work studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Nisreen Siam

Operations Manager


Production Manager Voipli Telecom Industries Ltd.

NDS Software Engineer.

Bar Ilan University,

Master's degree in Social Sciences.

ORT College,  Software Engineering.

Florence Tordjman

Production Manager


20 years of experience in electronic manufacturing leadership

Cellcom, NDS

Alexander Geht

Chief Design Officer


Technion IIT, M.Sc in Industrial Design.

Bezalel the academy of art and desig, B.Des in Industrial Design.

Ort, Electronic Practical Engineer

Alex Shmunik

Electronic & Software Engineer


20 years of experience in electronic and software design

Tel Aviv University BSC Electrical Engineer

Alon Valach

Chief Scientist & Electronic Engineer


Alon has a vast experience in managing and training hundreds of R&D projects.

UAV technical officer at the IDF and laboratory manager. Inventor of 5 registered patents in Electronics engineer from the Technion with honors.