Technological Breakthroughs

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Bioled is making the next step and is taking the field of Horticulture Lighting towards the future with its newest developments. Bioled developed a holistic solution for management of horticulture lighting systems in greenhouses & Indoor Facilities to maximize agricultural production, prevent damages, and save electricity and energy.


Artificial Intelligence

IoT - programming and activation of automatic protocols Grow protocols of vegetating, flowering, rooting, etc. can be programmed using the system. The following actions enable: on, off, and dimming of lighting by time and area, changing the spectrum according to growth types, times and area, etc. Friendly user control via cloud by computer, tablet, or mobile phone.



Breaking The Boundaries Of Nature


The Future is Already Here!

Cannabis Lighting 

Biolde's Cannabis Grow Light Systems are adjusted to all stages of growth: rooting, vegetating, and flowering, leading to maximum production and best quality while consuming minimal energy. Bioled supplies horticulture lighting to most of the Israeli cannabis companies and has established the largest INDOOR cannabis farm in Israel.

Benefits & Solutions For You!

Horticulture Lighting

With Bioled's advanced horticulture light systems, you can significantly increase the amount and quality of crops. Bioled had done studies in partnership with the Volcanic Institute and the Ministry of Agriculture in the field of peppers, flowers, roses, avocados, and more. The results are impressive. You can contact us for more information….


Breaking The Boundaries Of Nature


Bioled provides light systems for a variety of applications, at different network voltages and wavelengths,

for commerce, heavy industry, army, and other security systems.


Unique linear light based on IC technology and intended for industry, commerce, military purposes, and personal use

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